• Design and facilitation of
    political awareness programmes

    There are few areas of life that are not affected by political decision making. Politics, policy making and decisions by politicians, local and national affect us all, both personally but also professionally. With the coming few years going to be heavily influenced by the Brexit agenda, never has this been more true with leaders wanting to ensure that the politicians understand the impact on their sector.

    Through our bespoke offerings, as well as through our range of tried and tested programmes including Politics, Power & Persuasion, Powerbrokers and the highly successful Westminster Experience, we aim to equip participants with the necessary tools and information to operate more effectively in navigating their way through what some see as a political minefield.


    Parliament and Local Government
  • Organisational and personal development

    We work with a wide variety of organisations and top Boards, both in the public, private and charity sectors to help build effective teams.  We focus on improving co-operation and joint working between executive and non-executive directors, on building teams, future planning and identifying the impact of national policy changes. We are used to working with teams of Board members or running large events bringing the wider team together.

    Board Meeting