Powerbrokers: Lifting the lid on the Westminster Village

The world of Westminster politics, policy making and legislating is too often one that is shrouded in mystery. In what can only be described as one of the most turbulent periods in modern British political history – Brexit discussions and implications, a new Prime Minister keen to make her mark and huge financial challenges facing most sectors – thinking and working politically has never been more important.

With this in mind, Powerbrokers: lifting the lid on the Westminster Village allows you a valuable insight into the world of national politics. The day will give you a greater appreciation of the policy environment and the implications of government policy on your sector and those with which it has relationships.

Powerbrokers gives participants an opportunity to:

  • Develop political astuteness and an understanding of how the civil service and politicians create and enact policy at a time of political transition;
  • Better understand the politics of Government and the impact of elections;
  • Visit Select Committees in action and witness the contribution they make to policy making and scrutiny;
  • Experience Parliamentary debates in both the Commons and the Lords;
  • Gain experience of influencing local MPs over a topical issue;
  • Look to the future and prepare for the policy challenges ahead;
  • Acquire increased confidence to better question, challenge and influence those in policy-making, thinking and implementing roles.

Powerbrokers is a one-day programme and due to the nature of the learning, is held in Central London. Up to 18 participants can be accommodated.