About Us

Eden & Partners specialises in helping people to better understand the politics that affect them, in whatever sector they work. It could be the ‘big P’ politics of Westminster, Whitehall and regional or local government, or the ‘small p’ organisational politics that are so vital to understand and navigate. Understanding the policy making and political process and what makes decision-makers tick are vital skills for leaders.  We are not a lobbying or public affairs company, but our training and leadership development programmes give leaders the skills to be more politically astute.

What makes us different?

Experiential Learning

Our programmes and board development activities are firmly rooted in the principle that the best way of learning is by “doing”. Our training sessions are designed to be as interactive as possible, giving all participants the opportunity to put into practice the tactics and strategies learnt throughout the day. We always ensure that participants on our programmes will have an experience that they will never forget, embedding learning which individuals can draw on in the future.


In-depth knowledge of Politics

Eden & Partners and the people that work with us have experience of working at all levels of government – both local and national – or within the media or as users of services. The team have a natural empathy and understanding of the working situations and politics, both with a small and large “p” that affect their everyday working lives.



The network of contacts and excellent relationships that Eden & Partners has established ensure that we have assembled a team of the highest calibre to support us in our programmes and board development activity. Our team includes current and former MPs, Peers, Ministers, civil servants, journalists, service users, local authority councillors and officers; people whose experience bring our programmes to life.